Knights of the Old Republic coverThis is one of my favorite games for sure. I could go on all day about this game level to level, but I wont. Right off the bat, when your first start the game your life is a mystery. You have no recollection of who you are or why your are on a republic ship. You then blast your way through the Sith Empire meet some companions to follow you, gain a ship, and travel the galaxy looking for clues as to why you are so powerful. Its near the end when you find out that you are Darth Revan. But the Jedi captured you and erased your memories and made your think you where a jedi.

Definantly one of the funnest games I have ever played. The controls and gameplay were truly unique and the story line is something i have never seen before in a game. The story was such a fantastic ride that I will always remember. Its kind of something your need to expirence for yourself.

A big part of the Knights of the Old Republic is used in my art. If i were to recreate a space port or something I would use my memories from this game. There are many strange worlds and planets that you find in this game and they all have fantastic art direction. This game truely holds a place in my heart. I hope that another great game like this comes out someday.