Image of Agent 47My favorite assassin. Agent 47. He was born and trained to kill. Ypu play as Agent 47 and assassinate some of the worlds more deadliest targets. He kill people in style. His determination and all that he knew and loved was death. Theres a poem in there somewhere. The slogan for Hitman: Blood Money was "Make a perfect killing". Truly awesome.

In the game you get to run around and find craft ways to kill your target. And usually you enter the scene with a black suit, red tie, and a briefcase with your dismantled sniper rifle. You often have to scout out the level find a way to get to your target and then set up your sniper rifle for the perfect shot. Distractions can be anything from turning out the lights to setting off a detonation of a bomb somewhere else to make the guards leave the area. The are all sorts different ways to kill your target which is the creative ambition that I love.

In my art I would definantly think back to this game for pictures of people getting shot in style. Because Agent 47 did just that. He is the perfect assassin and i would refer to him for even sci-fi pictures and pictures of Star Wars.