Image of Fable1 CoverBehold! My favorite video game that I have played. I have played a lot of video games in my life but this series (Fable 1 2 & 3) really touched my heart. This game really has depth and has something more then most other video games. There is an atmosphere that you can feel when playing this game. Its something i cant really explain unless you have played it. Maybe its the fairytale kind of story with knights and dark wizards. Maybe its the happiness and silly glee you feel when you marry a pretty woman within a small village in the woods. There are unlimited possibilities in the Fable games. You can give everyone in a town gold coins one second, and then turn it around and slaughter them all. Thats right, you can actually slaughter towns and the people to magically come back. The towns where you slaughtered will be empty and deserted. Its truely and art expirence and definitly an emotional game.

Fable 2 increased those options even more! With things like buying your own house and changing the furnature to look nicer! You can buy marry and move in with your beloved one. And this time around, you can even have children! Thats right, your kids grow up from the crib and run around your house saying "I want to be just like you daddy!" That is depth to the extreme. Something no other game I have played really had. For me emotion is such a important thing for me when playing games.

I cannot wait for Fable 3. It looks like there is a whole world of options that you can do. You can become king andimage of fable 2 order people around this time! And even sentence them to death. Im really hoping it will be the best out of all of them. In Fable 3 the time has gone by and our adventure you play as fights and makes a revolution against your evil king brother. Your brother is a tyrant and you stand up to him and take control of kis kingdom. But there are also challenges that await to keep your crown as king. So it sounds like a challenging, emotional, joyride of fun. I buying definantly. I hope i can find the money.