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Image of Darth MaulThe whole Star Wars story has to be the most influencial thing in my art. I grew up liking star wars and was around to see episode 1-3 kick butt in theaters. The action, adventure, suspense, drama, horror, villians, heros, all of it. there is so much content and it is constantly expanding every day. The Jedi are valiant and the Sith are deadly. Why wouldnt I like it?

When Star Wars episodes 1-3 first came out there was a flood of action toys, games, and comic books. I, of course, got into the video games. The first Star Wars video game i played was called Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It was a fun story even though i didnt know much about star wars out the time It emmersed me and i played that for a long time online.

Today I am still hooked and im waiting for the new Star Wars game to come out "Star Wars: The Old Republic". Its a brand new MMO from bioware based off of the Knights of the Old Republic Series of comic books. The time period of the Old Republic goes way back to before the Star Wars movies even started, before episode 1, and tells tales of galactic wars of bounty hunters, sith, and jedi clashing at eachother. I cant wait to play it!

Star Wars has a big influence on my life and especially in my artwork. Actually, at the moment, I am currently working on a star wars project/mod for the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. They are expanding the storyline and adding a bunch of more content. I am of course, the concept artist. I have made two concepts for the mod so far and they are characters that you can play as, a twi-lek and a Zabrak species, with three different clothing options for each. You can view my artwork I currently have made for the mod at my website in the navigation bar titled "MY ART". The name of the mod is called Jedi Knight Galaxies.

The Design of Star Wars vehicles,characters, enviroments, everything is so inspiring and complex. Just look at this cutout view of a Republic class Star Destroyer. It took teams of artists to think all of this creative juice up and then spill it all out onto the paper. There are thousand of people that contribute to Star Wars everyday and I glad to say that I am one of them.Republic Cruiser Image

The Design in all of my art-work (at least the sci-fi side) is probably directly influenced from Star Wars and Mass Effect. Star Wars is the more space battle side of my art and Mass effect is the more futuristic, clean and effeciant side of my art. I have always seen Star Wars as a dark and grimey desolate alien spaceship floating in space. Star Wars can defiinitely go pretty dark as far as moral standards go. Sith lurk in the deepest darkest places and hunt jedi down just because they hate them.

Its pretty easy to get hooked on Star Wars and I can tell every day its more and more for me.