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Image of PredatorsPredators are definitely bad-ass. That is why they deserve to be up at the top of my list. I look for futuristic titans of techonology and power in my sci-fi art and predators are just that. Giant 8-foot tall brutes that not only futuristic warriors with shoulder mounted lazer beams, but they're also stealthy! They cloak and blend in with the landscape and tracking their prey with thermal vision. Nothing can run from these space warriors. Not even aliens.

I like the movie Aliens. Its suspenseful. I also like the movie Predator. But when the genious came out with the movie Aliens vs Predator i was dying to watch it. The first one was ok. It kind of sucked to be honest. But the second recovered and made it much more badass. Tons of aliens flooded the city streets and it was an all out hunting game for one lone predator and hundreds of aliens, including humans.