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Monster by Michal IvanBogatyrWarrior by Michal ivan

Michal Ivan is a very very talented artist. Not only does he uphold the beauty in detail, but he does it with color. Vibrant colors of deep sea green and firey reds are all that make his projects glow out of the webpage. All of his digital paintings have a very classical painting feel to them. Most of Ivan's work has a single character for a focal point that is radiated by bright vibrant colors as you see above. Its easy to see that Michal favors fantasy and magic beings. I hope to become this talented with detail and color and use this technique in my fantasy paintings. I hope to someday be able to create classical paintings and vibrant colors like this fine gentleman has done. Bravo!


If you want to see more of Michal Ivan's art click here: http://www.unstage.com/2009/11/artwork-by-michal-ivan/